Lana Del Rey – Lust For Life (feat. The Weeknd)

I’m pretty impressed by Lana Del Rey’s new songs more so than I was by Ultraviolence, maybe it’s the simplicity behind each track or maybe it’s the new space-y sound which has currently underlined her last 2 songs, either way I’m pretty transfixed.



Virtual Reality Experience Video: The Weeknd – The Hills (Remix featuring Eminem)

So in keeping up with his current domination of pop music The Weeknd has decided to stunt on his rivals even more by releasing a virtual reality video for his remix of ‘The Hills’ with Eminem. The concept is dope, the creation is great and so the experience is pretty good can’t wait till Virtual reality technology catches up and is accessible in every house so we can experience more videos like this in the perfect way

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Liss – Try

This piece of new aged pop mixed with a historic sound has a great sound to it that we hope to see more off from Liss. The track has great live drums that gives an image of a-ha’s style back when they made Take On Me. The track is accompanied by a strange music video that seems to catch you off guard if you don’t keep up with it’s movements.

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Official Video: Drake – Hotline Bling


Finally the quiet sleeping monster gets a video. Funny how this song was originally just another song that drake did, not even for his new album, and now it’s his highest charting single in the US. If you’ve been keeping up with us you know how much we love this song and all of it’s covers and now we finally have the video which features great cotton candy colours with great use of shadowing and some brilliant cha-cha dance moves that (dammit!) we are probably going to try and imitate next time we have one too many Mai-Tais.

Any way for now check the video here, and don’t forget to leave a comment below

Kimbra – I’m Wishing Video

Creativity and dedication bring to life some really cool ideas and one of the coolest we’ve seen is Kimbra’s video for her cover of Snow White’s ‘I’m Wishing’. In this video Kimbra superimposes herself in the Disney animation movie as Snow White in a 2D meets 3D scenario however she almost fits in quite well with the 2D creating a complex trick on the mind to figure out what is 3D and what is 2D in the video.

We’ve come a long way since Gene Kelly brought Jerry Mouse over from the 2D world to the 3D world 70 years ago.

Photo Credit: Adam C Sager