Kendrick Lamar – Drama

King Kenny is back!

Going from the strength of the The Heart Pt. 4 to humble to this Drama album, Kendrick is on a roll reminding us of just what he can do with his lyrical aerobatics. He doesn’t approach this one in an overly technical manor but somehow manages to channel his emotion a lot better to create an intense but deeply enjoyable experience.

I’m a lot more into the aesthetics of the back over the front but thats my own tastes, I know the artist had a loaded message behind it

LOYALTY with Rihanna is one hell of a gem, Rihanna’s flow is kinda sick she might be completing for best verse on the album, hey. The track with U2 also doesn’t suck which was a huge fear of mine ever since the tracklist was released but they pulled it off, King Kenny reigns again.



HULK’S G.R.R.R…(Great.Random.Rapbattle.Review) #1

Veins SWELL! Shoelaces BUCKLE! Muscles POP & ENLARGE! Skin melanin goes VEGAN?! Shirt RIPS!  Socks EXPLODE!
Shorts… well those remain intact.

Y’all ready?!

The Event – King Of The Dot Entertainment’s Battle of the Bay 6

Hosted by Lush1

If ever there was a unknown battle for the fate of humanity that basically saved the human Race, this is it!
King Of The Dot presents Danny Meyers vs Rum Nitty!!!

Two skilled battlers who at the time were still trying to  prove their prowess, this matchup had more unknown potency than a prepubescent teen’s testicles.

Held after the venue was supposed to be shut down, in a room with more graffiti than a amateur ratchet’s face on a Friday night. Round 1 is opened up by Danny who quickly gets to cooking like a drive-thru on a Friday night or the wife of a glutton, who just got back from work:

“There’s a difference between idiots and brave men, These bullets are like rainfall on Neanderthal, they make niggas cave in””

This is the first of a constant onslaught of punchlines that leave you thinking Danny Meyers already got a body BagBag prepared with this one…

Then Rum Nitty steps in.

Nitty starts slowly starts scheming:

“Shit just got real Meyers, Im like the end of every Halloween Movie….imma Kill Meyers!”

Followed by…

“First Round Kill Em, Second Cook him, Third Chop Him, then eat him, It’s like I’m bulimic cuz I can only eat in dis order”


Nitty starts cooking. A slight misstep during Danny’s round led to him unintentionally making contact with Nitty, which lead to minute bit of tension between the battlers, however the battle progresses and due to the mutual respect, admiration, and great sportsmanship between the two battlers…although maybe mainly due to the incredible bars dropping, the two MCs end up hugging after every round (and no not like that  Mayweather & Pacquiao drivel).

By the time the second round drops it obvious to everyone present this was a classic in the making. A crowd member even chirps in “I must be drunk coz everything these guys are saying is hott.”

Standout Bars:
Danny meyers
“A lima bean in a time machine, I’ll make you a vegetable in the future”

“Homie don’t play yourself, I’ll cut you into so many pieces your funeral will held on a conveyor belt”

Rum Nitty
“I don’t care what language you speak, cuz after we meet, I bet he pronounce dead.”

“Coz he think he the G.O.A.T, he the one imma Go at”

Rum Nitty’s performance alone here was undoubtably memorable, this was a hott battle, six rounds so incredible aliens halted all their invasion plans and went back home for a cup of tea and some counselling life choices…

…a couple african elephants forgot their place in the ecosystem and flew south for the winter!

This was a classic battle, a must watch for newbies to the genre & great addition to the rap battle culture.

Verdict Danny Meyers vs Rum Nitty
Who Won?!
We Did!



By Simba Hulk Mandizvidza

Boots – C.U.R.E

The Ultra-talented artist Boots does it again. With his debut project on the way Boots has been hitting us with great songs whenever he feels like it, from songs I Run Roulette to today’s C.U.R.E everything Boots has released has been different, interesting, fascinating and purely beautiful music. C.U.R.E has a mechanical clunking beat that has Boots rapping over the top of it using one of his many talents and ways of expression.

Check the song above and leave a comment below.

Video Via: Youtube

Eminem Tribute Letter For Tupac Shakur

For their ‘Nowstalgia‘ issue Paper Magazine (the one which Kim Kardashian-West used to ‘break the internet’) Paper magazine asked three hip-hop icons to write about and pay respects to the fallen heroes of hip-hop. Earlier in the week the magazine released Kendrick Lamar’s tribute letter to N.W.A’s Eazy E and they’ve followed it up today with Eminem’s tribute to 2Pac.

Read a small excerpt below and read the rest on Paper Magazine’s site here.

He was so versatile — if you weren’t in the mood for what he was doing on this song here, he’s got something for you over here. He covered such a broad perspective and there were so many different sides to him, but the best part about him overall was that he was a human being. He would let you see that. I used to be fascinated with his interviews like, “Yo, what he’s saying is so true.” He would also be able to trump people who were interviewing him when they would hit him with hard questions — it was incredible. He was a superstar in every aspect of the word. You just wanted to know that guy. Like man, I wanna hang out with Pac.

I don’t know if he was talking to Arsenio [Hall] but I remember him saying something to the effect of “[it’s like] people standing outside watching through the window at a bunch of motherfuckers throwing food around and having a party and everybody’s hungry outside and they’re seeing through the window and after a minute, you got people out here singing, ‘We’re hungry, we’re hungry. Let us in, let us in.’ And the next minute when no one’s listening, it’s like ‘Alright, we’re kicking the door down, coming through, picking the lock, blasting.'” When he was giving those analogies, they were incredible. It was almost like he was writing songs when he was doing interviews.

Photo Credit: Jenny Risher