Kendrick Lamar – Drama

King Kenny is back!

Going from the strength of the The Heart Pt. 4 to humble to this Drama album, Kendrick is on a roll reminding us of just what he can do with his lyrical aerobatics. He doesn’t approach this one in an overly technical manor but somehow manages to channel his emotion a lot better to create an intense but deeply enjoyable experience.

I’m a lot more into the aesthetics of the back over the front but thats my own tastes, I know the artist had a loaded message behind it

LOYALTY with Rihanna is one hell of a gem, Rihanna’s flow is kinda sick she might be completing for best verse on the album, hey. The track with U2 also doesn’t suck which was a huge fear of mine ever since the tracklist was released but they pulled it off, King Kenny reigns again.



Snakehips – All My Friends (Featuring Tinashe & Chance The Rapper)

EDM producer Snakehips, singer Tinashe, and rapper Chance The Rapper have decided to bestow upon us a great new anthem about the dark side of Friday nights which funny enough you’ll be listening too every Friday with it’s exceptional sing-along hook that you can’t help but sing no matter how inappropriate the location seems, such as in the office on a Thursday instead of a Friday.

With gentle hip-hop percussion and drums and a really mellow synth line, this All My Friends is easy listening and completely none abrasive to the ears. It pulls you in with the mellow vibes and then gives you a slight budge with it’s superb catchy hook and Chance’s verse is so spot on with it’s own hooks that will ease themselves through your membrane.

A perfect anthem for the winter party season.

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Jay Prince – AfroPhunk (Feat. SiR & Joyce Wrice)

We are truly vibing with this track right here from London’s Jay Prince, it has the kind of chilled vibes that’s rare in the urban music scene and has the kind of feel good vibe ready for the radio. Jay Prince’s flow is also a dope sauce on this wonderful meal which adds so much flavour that dish for your mind. Listen to this in any setting and it’ll work and you’ll feel empowered to make it through the most difficult times.

Jay Prince we are really feeling this!

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Kanye West Releases Two New Songs (Kinda)

These days Kanye West is a mysterious figure when it comes to music. All the tracks he’s released thus far in 2015 sound very different from each other, from the dark trappy All Day to the acoustic pop infused “Four Five Seconds”. It seems his release strategy has just become much stranger as he releases a new version of his 808s & Heartbreak intro ‘Say You Will’ with incredible additions that Kanye most likely truly would’ve liked to put on the original and what appears to be a remix of The Weeknd’s ‘Tell Your Friends’ if not the original idea he had for it as he did produce the track.

Some have theorised that Mr West maybe musically stuck in which creative direction to go as he has so much choice now, only God Knows.

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Official Video: Drake – Hotline Bling


Finally the quiet sleeping monster gets a video. Funny how this song was originally just another song that drake did, not even for his new album, and now it’s his highest charting single in the US. If you’ve been keeping up with us you know how much we love this song and all of it’s covers and now we finally have the video which features great cotton candy colours with great use of shadowing and some brilliant cha-cha dance moves that (dammit!) we are probably going to try and imitate next time we have one too many Mai-Tais.

Any way for now check the video here, and don’t forget to leave a comment below