DJ Khaled & Drake – To The Max

Another radio hit from Drizzy and Khaled, man these two are unbeatable in what they do. Every link up between them sounds like a hit and even though this doesn’t have a traditional hook in that way it’s still memorable and plenty of fun, it’s a good thing Asahd finally pushed Drake for them vocals, hey.


Official Video: Drake – Hotline Bling


Finally the quiet sleeping monster gets a video. Funny how this song was originally just another song that drake did, not even for his new album, and now it’s his highest charting single in the US. If you’ve been keeping up with us you know how much we love this song and all of it’s covers and now we finally have the video which features great cotton candy colours with great use of shadowing and some brilliant cha-cha dance moves that (dammit!) we are probably going to try and imitate next time we have one too many Mai-Tais.

Any way for now check the video here, and don’t forget to leave a comment below

Drake Covers W Magazine

Another day, another Drake headline fresh off his Boy Better Know tattoo reveal to the release of his W Magazine cover, Drake truly does stay busy being relevant every day. No matter what season, day or time Drake is consistently ready to make headlines  with every move he makes.

Making the cover of W Magazine though is a major step for the toronto native as the cover seems to delve more into his approach to art rather than his work ethic and it seems Drake is finally taking those steps to step out of just being hip-hop’s current king to taking over the entirety of arts. Doesn’t matter whether it is fashion, where his OVO crew is currently killing it with new seasonal garments (check out the lookbook here) or whether it is music Drake is currently conquering the art scene. He isn’t finished either in his interview with W Magazine Drake talks about considering getting back into acting and his interest in making movies now, “No one ever asks me to do movies, and, although music is my focal point now, I’d love to do a film. That was the life that I lived before, and it would be interesting to live it again.” although he does mention that doing music and acting is what got him fired from Degrassi in the first place.

Drake also discusses his experience with art in terms paintings whilst growing up stating “We didn’t really have paintings on the walls, but I grew up with album covers!” which is the most genuine answer an artist can give without trying to deceive fans by running off a list of famous artists that Jay-Z has mentioned in his lyrics.

Check Drake’s W Magazine Cover below and the rest of the interview here.MTMzNjM0NzI3NTI4NjM5MTA3

Via: W Magazine

Photo Credit: Drake by KAWS. Photographed by Caitlin Cronenberg.

Alphacat Parodies Obama dissing Donald Trump

Obama Impersonator and Youtube star AlphaCat has this day decided to unleash a parody so unbelievably funny that I started crying at the thought that america might never have another president so embraced by the internet again. America do the right thing let this man have another term please let the internet have more fun like this!

Anyway peep above Alphacat parodying Obama covering Drake’s Back to Back as a diss to Donald Trump