Styling React: Material UI vs Bootstrap

So I’ve been working with ReactJS quite a lot recently and have learnt an awful lot, I’m gonna be working on TDDing it with enzyme later on but I just wanna see what’s possible in terms of designing a good look for it, and I’ve recently just come across two packages that could prove crucial to help me with my task Material UI and React-Bootstrap. Without React I am a huge fan of Bootstrap it is by far the easiest way to quickly style a good looking responsive webpage that can be customised according to your taste, however when react enters the equation then, for me personally, Material UI becomes my tool of choice.
There are a number of reasons for this, firstly it uses Google’s material design initiative which is a minimalist beauty on it’s own, it’s been used to create some of the best looking apps for Google in recent memory especially when thinking back to when their designs weren’t so clean. The minimalistic nature of material design makes the applications you create very appealing to users because they are very easy on the eye and allow the passing of information in a clear and crisp manner. My fascination with material design may, however, just be due to my long term affiliation with Android phones and how much more I’ve been exposed to applications designed in that manner so I decided to test my thoughts by creating and styling a project with something else I’ve had a lot of exposure to, Bootstrap.
When I used React-Bootstrap I found it very quick and easy to use as I was used to the class names I was able to accurately determine what certain components would like and the way that they would behave. The grid system which is bootstraps crowning achievement also makes it a lot easier to plot your components and to understand where they’ll sit on your application. The names of the components is also very much easier to get used to as it seems to use the same names as the usual react components with capital letters for example table is simply Table, that sounds easy enough. My biggest issue was however compared to Material UI I didn’t enjoy using React-Bootstrap as much and my app suffered for this and looked much less professional although that may be due to the way the packages are designed to be used. Material UI is all set up that you can just put your app with the right components, add a few colours, and it’s done which a lot more restrictive on what exactly you can make for example I struggled to develop a footer without a component for it and using the App Bar seemed a bit too much. React-Bootstrap however is much more customisable and liberating if you feel like putting in work to customise and fully personalise your app with your own zany ideas you are free to do so without walking all over the principles and beliefs it was built on whereas Material UI has very defined principles that make this hard.
Those principle and beliefs may just why I love Material UI so much though.
All in all both packages have their benefits but for the sake of my own development I will more likely focus more on Material UI as it is something I haven’t used a lot in the past and it could be very helpful for on my path to eventually making universal mobile applications with ReactNative.
If you check out the project I did for these two it’s available here:

KRNE – Movin

This song is exactly what we needed on a Tuesday afternoon with it’s great energy and huge sound, we feel as though we could run through the rest of the week with the grace of a gazelle and the speed of a cheetah, we feel like the prey and the predator and we rule the whole entire food chain. This song is pure drugs it will make you jump buildings and make it home within 20 mins in what should be an hour long commute. We love you KRNE, keep doing you buddy!

Grimes Reveals Self Created Artwork For New Album

Canadian Artist Grimes has been in the studio for a substantial time perfecting her new album and after a lot of hard work has finally decided to give us a peek into her new creative direction by unveiling a self created artwork that is as eerily fascinating as her music.

Check it out below and if you’re excited for the new album leave us a comment further below.


Via: Grimes Twitter

Woolf and the Wondershow – Cages

The lyrical imagery. The metaphors. The voice that uses this captivating lyrics.

Everything about this song is amazing, this might be one of the standout tracks we’ve heard over the past year. After listening to this great masterpiece of music we are definitely expecting huge things from Woolf and the Wondershow, as this truly is a wonderful showing of what great music should sound and feel like.

Check the song above and leave a comment below.

Balmain Men’s Entire Lookbook

This year H&M has teamed up with Olivier Rousteing’s french fashion house, Balmain, for a collaboration that is probably going to sell out ultra fast. This set brings together the iconic look that have been a staple in Olivier’s creative direction and that have also made the brand so universally beloved.

We already posted the women’s look book before which you can check out here, now check out the men’s look book below, pick your most coveted items and be ready to grab them when the day of release comes.

Via: Balmain x H&M

Balmain X H&M Women’s Entire Lookbook

Every Year H&M collaborations with a high fashion brand in order to bring to the masses the exclusive items which are usually almost impossible to attain for the majority of us. This year H&M has teamed up with Olivier Rousteing’s french fashion house, Balmain, for a collaboration that is probably going to sell out ultra fast.

Check out the women’s look book below, pick your most coveted items and be ready to grab them when the day of release comes.

Via: Balmain x H&M

Drake Covers W Magazine

Another day, another Drake headline fresh off his Boy Better Know tattoo reveal to the release of his W Magazine cover, Drake truly does stay busy being relevant every day. No matter what season, day or time Drake is consistently ready to make headlines  with every move he makes.

Making the cover of W Magazine though is a major step for the toronto native as the cover seems to delve more into his approach to art rather than his work ethic and it seems Drake is finally taking those steps to step out of just being hip-hop’s current king to taking over the entirety of arts. Doesn’t matter whether it is fashion, where his OVO crew is currently killing it with new seasonal garments (check out the lookbook here) or whether it is music Drake is currently conquering the art scene. He isn’t finished either in his interview with W Magazine Drake talks about considering getting back into acting and his interest in making movies now, “No one ever asks me to do movies, and, although music is my focal point now, I’d love to do a film. That was the life that I lived before, and it would be interesting to live it again.” although he does mention that doing music and acting is what got him fired from Degrassi in the first place.

Drake also discusses his experience with art in terms paintings whilst growing up stating “We didn’t really have paintings on the walls, but I grew up with album covers!” which is the most genuine answer an artist can give without trying to deceive fans by running off a list of famous artists that Jay-Z has mentioned in his lyrics.

Check Drake’s W Magazine Cover below and the rest of the interview here.MTMzNjM0NzI3NTI4NjM5MTA3

Via: W Magazine

Photo Credit: Drake by KAWS. Photographed by Caitlin Cronenberg.