Styling React: Material UI vs Bootstrap

So I’ve been working with ReactJS quite a lot recently and have learnt an awful lot, I’m gonna be working on TDDing it with enzyme later on but I just wanna see what’s possible in terms of designing a good look for it, and I’ve recently just come across two packages that could prove crucial to help me with my task Material UI and React-Bootstrap. Without React I am a huge fan of Bootstrap it is by far the easiest way to quickly style a good looking responsive webpage that can be customised according to your taste, however when react enters the equation then, for me personally, Material UI becomes my tool of choice.
There are a number of reasons for this, firstly it uses Google’s material design initiative which is a minimalist beauty on it’s own, it’s been used to create some of the best looking apps for Google in recent memory especially when thinking back to when their designs weren’t so clean. The minimalistic nature of material design makes the applications you create very appealing to users because they are very easy on the eye and allow the passing of information in a clear and crisp manner. My fascination with material design may, however, just be due to my long term affiliation with Android phones and how much more I’ve been exposed to applications designed in that manner so I decided to test my thoughts by creating and styling a project with something else I’ve had a lot of exposure to, Bootstrap.
When I used React-Bootstrap I found it very quick and easy to use as I was used to the class names I was able to accurately determine what certain components would like and the way that they would behave. The grid system which is bootstraps crowning achievement also makes it a lot easier to plot your components and to understand where they’ll sit on your application. The names of the components is also very much easier to get used to as it seems to use the same names as the usual react components with capital letters for example table is simply Table, that sounds easy enough. My biggest issue was however compared to Material UI I didn’t enjoy using React-Bootstrap as much and my app suffered for this and looked much less professional although that may be due to the way the packages are designed to be used. Material UI is all set up that you can just put your app with the right components, add a few colours, and it’s done which a lot more restrictive on what exactly you can make for example I struggled to develop a footer without a component for it and using the App Bar seemed a bit too much. React-Bootstrap however is much more customisable and liberating if you feel like putting in work to customise and fully personalise your app with your own zany ideas you are free to do so without walking all over the principles and beliefs it was built on whereas Material UI has very defined principles that make this hard.
Those principle and beliefs may just why I love Material UI so much though.
All in all both packages have their benefits but for the sake of my own development I will more likely focus more on Material UI as it is something I haven’t used a lot in the past and it could be very helpful for on my path to eventually making universal mobile applications with ReactNative.
If you check out the project I did for these two it’s available here:

Shonichi – There’s A First Time For Everything

After 16 hours of travel finally made it to my destination South Africa, went through Dubai didn’t really see much as I had to catch my flight however I believe my expectations on Dubai were just a bit too audacious as I was expect to be transfered between flights on automated gold chariots but the modest air conditioned buses make a nice touch. I think Dubai would be a great place to visit if I had the money however on my austerity budget the temptation to buy any thing and everything was cancelled out by my intention to remain financially stable. So I sat and waited patiently at the gate.
Upon arriving to South Africa it immediately reminded me of the Zimbabwe airport just that most things here actually work. Leaving the airport I realised that most of the warnings I had been given before my trip were simply exaggerations; my bag wasn’t stolen at the baggage claim and I wasn’t mugged for my phone, wallet, and shoes. However the most we had to deal with was an unhelpful parking attendant accusing us of swapping parking tickets with another car. We hadn’t.

Upon leaving began my first day here in which I got to see where my family members here worked and lived. There’s a lot of really nice places here which I’ll write about when I get a proper chance to check them out.

Stray observations:

There are some really nice purple lights on the motorway. They’re toll gates 😒

Food is really cheap here compared to to London had a humongous meal here for the price of a pint at most London Bars.

Got into an argument about parking which cost about 20 Rand = £1.20. Heathrow it would’ve cost £6…

I have no Rands here just $18 in cash. Not helpful need an ATM.

Song of the day: ‘A Little Piece of Heaven’ by Avenged Sevenfold

Casual Minimalist

Casual Minimalist


Acne Studios men’s jeans
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Men s jacket

Common Projects men s sneaker
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Movado men s watch
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Y 3 men s t shirt

Barneys New York men s belt
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Fresh Kicks: Adidas ZX Flux ‘Xeno Borealis’ Pack

Adidas ZX Flux ‘Xeno Borealis’ Pack

In the last year Adidas kicked of a great looking innovative new look to it’s trainers with the ‘ZX Flux’ light technology, it’s honestly one of our favourite shoes designs probably amongst our futuristic top 5.

This year they’ve come back with a new pack to update the current ZX Flux roster, check it out below:


The pack is out Feb 13, 2016 so go grab a pair we’re positive you won’t be disappointed.

Fresh Kicks: Air Jordan 1 KO ‘Shadow’ High

Fresh Kicks: Air Jordan 1 KO “Shadow”

Everybody needs a pair of Jordans but with all the crazy colourways which fly about, we believe these new Air Jordan 1 KO Shadow High are perfect if you want a pair but a more low-key option which will get the right looks from the right people.

Fresh Kicks: Air Jordan 1 KO Shadow High

Be sure to snatch a pair if you like, they are currently lined up for release on Feb 6, 2016.

Via: SneakerBarDetroit

Feminist Fatale

Feminist Fatale


Balenciaga crepe pants
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Jimmy choo pumps
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Bead jewellery
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Rose gold jewellery

Ray-Ban acetate glasses
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Chanel fragrance
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Yeezy Season 3 & Waves Premiere

This year seems to be a big one for Kanye West, not only will he be releasing his new Album ‘Waves’ (A.K.A the album that went through so many name changes people are hella confused as to what it might even sound like) Mr West will also be unleashing his latest fashion line on the world. Get ready for another year inspired by the fashion choices of the worlds most entertaining creative.

The premiere will be held in Madison Square Garden, New York but those of us abroad can catch it in cinemas the world over, Tickets are available for purchase here.