Samurai Jack Season 5 is Back | Adult Swim

After 12 years the visual treat Samurai Jack is back and good gracious is it still glorious. The series is now much darker as Jack has wandered around Aku’s land for 50 years haunted and tortured by his incomplete mission. The series retains everything that made it great 12 years ago but brings so much more, it’s a richer emotional experience with extra depth and although only 1 episode is out so far I can’t wait to witness the rest of this great tale.


Monument Valley Soundtrack Vinyl Now On Sale

Out of all the mobile that have impressed us in the smartphone game era, Monument Valley with it’s great designs and incredible soundtrack has imprinted itself as a standout game upon the population. It’s ascent into cultural greatness rises once more with the release of a vinyl of it’s soundtrack available here.


If you have never played Monument Valley you can find it here.

DC Comics X Hanna-Barbera Collaboration

Everyone over the age of 20 remembers the golden age of the Hanna-Barbera cartoons with legends like the Wacky Racers and ofcourse the timeless stoneage set Flintstones gracing our screens every weekend with ultra vivid colours even before HD. In a move sure to get us all nostalgic and missing those simpler years DC have Collaborated with Hanna-Barbera to bring us Hanna-Barbera a new line of comics which give our old school heroes a more modern look and setting.

The Collection includes:

For more information check out DC Comics’ website here.

Yeezy Season 3 & Waves Premiere

This year seems to be a big one for Kanye West, not only will he be releasing his new Album ‘Waves’ (A.K.A the album that went through so many name changes people are hella confused as to what it might even sound like) Mr West will also be unleashing his latest fashion line on the world. Get ready for another year inspired by the fashion choices of the worlds most entertaining creative.

The premiere will be held in Madison Square Garden, New York but those of us abroad can catch it in cinemas the world over, Tickets are available for purchase here.

God Bless Bill Murray

Sadly Bill Murray isn’t legally allowed to steal Wu-tang’s secret album however by all means even if he did would anyone really mind, I’m sure we’re all familiar with the fry up story and if you’re not we can help.

We would however still like to see this happen for every music fan who wants to hear the new album, imagine the Wu-tang Clan meeting up and planning a heist to steal the album and then Bill Murray shows up like:

God Bless Bill Murray!

Michael J. Fox Unveils First Pair Of Self Lacing Shoes

If you keep up with pop culture at all then you’ll know that this week everyone has been anticipating a Back To The Future related technological innovation and it seems we finally got one, a pair of self lacing Nike Air Mags. Some people expected a hover-board (still very far away) however the Air Mags are the next best thing because it means no more lace giving you unnecessary grief,hey. They are slated for release in spring 2016 so better start saving your funds now.

Check out the shoes above and leave a comment below.

Guy Tries To Eat Decent Meals On A $3 A Day Budget

Josh from Brothers Green Eats has decided to try and live off $3 for food a day and still try to have decent food that he isn’t ashamed to be seen eating, so no cup ramen and bread sandwiches. This is one of the greatest ideas ever and after watching the first episode we are highly considering taking this challenge up. Imagine the money we could save which could be invested into making us more money, well either that or more drinks on the weekend.

Check out Episode 1 above and leave a comment below whilst we wait for Episode 2 in order to see what the results of Day 1 were.