After 16 hours of travel finally made it to my destination South Africa, went through Dubai didn’t really see much as I had to catch my flight however I believe my expectations on Dubai were just a bit too audacious as I was expect to be transfered between flights on automated gold chariots but the modest air conditioned buses make a nice touch. I think Dubai would be a great place to visit if I had the money however on my austerity budget the temptation to buy any thing and everything was cancelled out by my intention to remain financially stable. So I sat and waited patiently at the gate.
Upon arriving to South Africa it immediately reminded me of the Zimbabwe airport just that most things here actually work. Leaving the airport I realised that most of the warnings I had been given before my trip were simply exaggerations; my bag wasn’t stolen at the baggage claim and I wasn’t mugged for my phone, wallet, and shoes. However the most we had to deal with was an unhelpful parking attendant accusing us of swapping parking tickets with another car. We hadn’t.

Upon leaving began my first day here in which I got to see where my family members here worked and lived. There’s a lot of really nice places here which I’ll write about when I get a proper chance to check them out.

Stray observations:

There are some really nice purple lights on the motorway. They’re toll gates 😒

Food is really cheap here compared to to London had a humongous meal here for the price of a pint at most London Bars.

Got into an argument about parking which cost about 20 Rand = £1.20. Heathrow it would’ve cost £6…

I have no Rands here just $18 in cash. Not helpful need an ATM.

Song of the day: ‘A Little Piece of Heaven’ by Avenged Sevenfold


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