Boris Johnson may be able to handle the city of London (debatably) but his handling of the real London has been rather more debatable as the cities music venues have continued to die out every week, with historic venues closing down one after another. Plenty of celebrities have tried to help with a vast amount of campaigns to save various venues but the scene still appears to be dying out with a 35% decrease in music venues since 2007.

Now the team that’s been put in charge of saving London’s cultural scene has decided to try a new initiative and bring in someone to oversee the cities night scene, a sort of Night Mayor. This Night Mayor has to have his roots planted deep in the cities heritage of great music venues in order to try and save although we don’t know who it will be at the moment so he called the Night Mayor that London needs or he could be the Nightmare that we don’t deserve.

To find out more on this story check Dazed Magazine’s article here.

Photo Credit: Mercury Photo


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