With the new movie approaching the Star Wars promo campaign is in full swing and we keep getting so much cool stuff to tease or hunger for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. This week the disney franchise released what might soon become an iconic poster to the masses which may reveal several details about the new movie if you inspect it as if you were Sherlock Holmes.

Several small things we noticed include:

-C3PO’s new RED hand. What the…?

-John Boyega’s character gets a lightsaber. Dope!

-New Death Star behind Chewbacca. We thought the empire was done 30 years ago!!

-A pyramid shape formed by the red and blue lightsabers. Pyramids are always cool and  mystifying for some reason…

Check out the Poster below if you see any other details tell us in the comments.


Via: Starwars.com


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