Following Jamie Hewlett’s big reveal that the new Gorillaz album will most probably be out next year Damon Albarn has given us more insight about the album.

In an Interview with Rolling Stone magazine the singer stated that “I’m in the very early days on a new Gorillaz record. So far, it’s really fast, and it’s got quite a lot of energy.” giving us a little more detail about what type of album it is. There’s no point in trying to pinpoint a genre for the Gorillaz as they’ve always been a mixture of genres of what ever sound Damon likes at the time.

He went onto describe his current creative direction in terms of music, explaining how he’s trying to turn in a new direction from the way he’s been creating music over the past few years. On this matter he said “I’ve been stuck on piano, somewhere off Broadway, for years now. I want to go somewhere completely opposite of that.” which makes us very excited for this album as expanding horizons and being different is what the Gorillaz have always been about, and this album seems to be headed in the same direction.

He also briefly explained how he feels about a few artists:

what do you think of Kanye West?
I think he’s pretty unique.

How about Taylor Swift?
Remarkable, but not unique. Anyone else? We can keep going.

He’s not as consistent as he could be.

Really interesting, and sometimes exhilarating.

Well, she’s on the cover of NME, so she must be cool.

The fact that Damon Albarn is out here giving opinions on Future in Rolling Stone magazine shows how great the future that we live in is.

Read the rest of the interview here.

Via: Rolling Stone Magazine

Photo Credit: David Bailey for Time Out


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