Apparently it’s chocolate week!

Well nobody told us but it’s never too late to get involved, especially if you’re in London where there are plenty of opportunities to attend some exciting events. Don’t tell our dentists.

Founded in 2004 by chocolate enthusiast Kate Johns (her dentist must be minted!), the week is a great chance to celebrate all things chocolate. From the finest quality coca products to support for the Fair Trade chocolate industry this week is set to be a fun indulgent party for all those involved, it even has a chocolate based fashion show.

So take this week take time to enjoy the finer points of hedonism with events like:

The Godiva Chocolate Challenge in Central London – A nationwide competition to “unearth the nation’s best chocolate dessert”

The Choco-Beerfest at Westfield Stratford City on October 15th – A mini beer festival where they utilise Madagascan cocoa (supposedly the best in the world) to make what sounds like a truly intriguing concoction.

MasterChef Finalist Tony Rodd will be cooking a three course menu inspired by menu with quite a few appetising options, like Pork Tenderloin rolled in Cocoa with Textures of Fennel Lamb Rump with Chocolate Jelly, at the Guldford Arms.

Rococo will also be hosting many great events which can be found here.

Seems like there’ll be a little bit for everyone so get involved and enjoy yourself on behalf of your Blind Mouse.

Via: Lodonist


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