With the way start up companies are creating dope ideas the future is bright and as so should be recorded as intricately as possible. Meet the L16 camera, developed by US start up company Light, which has 16 lens and able to take pictures up to 52megapixels, the camera is the same size as a regular camera however when you take a picture with the L16 up to 10 of it’s lenses shoot simultaneously and of the photos taken by the 10 lens the company uses complex algorithms in order to give the shooter the best possible image which is composed out of the best part of all 10 pictures taken.


Of course this innovative device is good news for those with a deep interest in photography and also may lead to a major revolution in selfies however all of this is only possible if you have a spare $1,299 (£846) burning a hole in your pocket right now otherwise if you order after 6 November you better have saved up $1,699 (£1,107) and then your camera would arrive late summer 2016. Just think of how ballerific you’ll look though when it finally arrives.


More information is available here on Light’s website.

Photo Credit: Light


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