In a new featurette from DC Entertainment we got an indepth interview with costume designer Michael Wilkinson about the thought process that went into the making of the costumes.


Superman’s costume was made to look as alien as possible using otherworldly synthetic materials as a visual presentation of superman’s alien nature. This seems to be one of the central topics of the film as seen in the trailer with the crowd holding up ‘illegal alien’ picket signs.

Batman’s suit was made to make him look jacked up and physically imposing which would make sense as after all Superman is supposed to be an invulnerable god laced with super strength. In order to make the audience actually believe that Batman can be a threat to Superman giving him a bigger physique and more intimidating stature would be a step in the right direction on all accounts.

Wonder woman’s costume was made to bring forth her warrior first and foremost, however it had to have a sense of grace and majesty as although she is supposed to be an amazon warrior she’s supposed to also be amazonian royalty. Interestingly they made sure to add features that show militaristic discipline into her costume in order to show off the formal and strict amazonian culture which draws parallels to the ways spartans are presented in modern films.

Check out the full video above with the added bonus of great visuals of the costumes on display. Also if you need a reminder of how epic this film looks check out the comic-con trailer below

Via: DC Entertainment

Photo Credit: Daily Superhero


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