Demo Taped – Game On

R&B really has a great stream of artists this decade with some of the most creative minds I’ve seen producing some truly innovative sounds, like this track from Demo Taped. The vocals sound like classic R&B but the beat has so much groove it’s new and fresh and extremely enticing. If this is the future of music then it’s in truly good hands.


Adele – Hello (Official Video)

The queen of emotions and feelings is back! Adele has come out of her hiatus to give to us the first single from her new album ’25’. This song is not exactly the Friday song as I can see a lot of people listening to this and texting their exes at 3am with a message that is probably way too honest.

Her new album, 25, is due November 20 and Adele has penned a personal letter to apologise for the delay with her new album as the artist is now 27 instead of 25 but we’ll forgive if she keeps giving us great music.


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TĀLĀ & Banks – Wolfpack

This truly is a great week hey we got a brand new track from two of our favourite artists in the world. This is one tag team that can compete with the best of them, between TĀLĀ  & Banks we have great vocals, sweet melodies, challenging lyrics, and what is one hell of a single. We look forward to hearing this everywhere we go and if we don’t then something is wrong with our environment and we need to change it.

Google Creating Army Of Android Developers


No, that title is not satirical in any way, shape, or form. Google has teamed up with General Assembly to introduce a course in Immersive Android Development, which includes coding classes and lectures from guest speakers who will come in and teach from their expertise on specific portions of the course.

This is an ultra chessmaster move from Google as creating a stream of Android developers allows them to control the quality of those who will one day go on to work on their Android OS making sure they’re given proper training in the topic, it also allows the company to dip into the creativity of the bright new generation who are finding it hard to find work out here.

This is a great opportunity however the course costs over £8,000 and we’re not quite sure when it will be available in the UK as currently it is only available in San Francisco & New York, but if you have a spare £8,000 burning into your pocket then go for it when it comes around this part of the world.

For more information check it here.

Michael J. Fox Unveils First Pair Of Self Lacing Shoes

If you keep up with pop culture at all then you’ll know that this week everyone has been anticipating a Back To The Future related technological innovation and it seems we finally got one, a pair of self lacing Nike Air Mags. Some people expected a hover-board (still very far away) however the Air Mags are the next best thing because it means no more lace giving you unnecessary grief,hey. They are slated for release in spring 2016 so better start saving your funds now.

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